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Black Metal

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In terms of genres “Atmospheric Black Metal” probably comes closest to Auro’s music. A strong 90’s vibe is clearly present in the songs –induced by screeching old-school guitar compositions, skillfully used keyboard passages and an overall raw, yet differentiated production that create that certain feeling and energy. The thunderous, most time ragingly fast played drums as well as the blood-freezing vocals of both Dragg and Framan provide a massive level of dynamics and sheer power within the eight songs.
Auro is a merging of the words Aura and Ouroboros.
Ouroboros, the self-consumer, symbolizes a completely autarkic entity. It personifies the ultimate utopia to be achieved: The creation of a social and emotional micro cosmos without any interaction with the abominable outer world.
Aura is the tool which is purposely used as a hammer - destructively smashed in the grotesque face of society for deterrence. And yet at the same time to build the foundation of the very own existence – as part of the individual cosmos. This concept is mapped in illustrative lyrics on the album, extending from apocalyptic visions of fire storms, eradication, death and decay to astral journeys, leaving behind humanity and coming into touch with the omnipresent ancient scaled god. [quote Label]