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TARDIGRADA - Emotionale Ödnis, MC

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Black Metal

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Professionally duplicated tapes, Bodyprint, hand-numbered, limited to 200 copies.

Swiss Black Metal is no new card on the table. Cultivated by the likes of Hellhammer/Celtic Frost and Samael early on, and bands such as Darkspace and Paysage D´Hiver in more recent years, this rather small country has always had an excellent leading artistry; and it's no less so with the likes of Tardigrada.

Emotionale Ödnis (emotional wasteland) marks the band`s debut record that follows up on their already excellent demonstration mark "Widrstand" from 2012 and rare live performances.With all lyrics mainly done in the swiss dialect, Tardigrada present a darkly melancholic voyage; lush with atmosphere and texture.

Recorded and finalized at Iguana Studios and featuring custom artwork by Misanthropic Art, 'Emotionale Ödnis' sets the listener on a bleak sonic journey over the duration of 60 minutes. Intertwined with instrumental passages, just like a flickering dull light carried through a colourless landscape, it is a prime example of deep breathing, sorrowful black metal; ripe in execution and character.

A1: I
A2: E Sturm zieht Uf
A3: II
A4: Die Wand
A6: Erschöpft

B1: IV
B2: Emotionale Ödnis
B3: V
B4: Verfall