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KRYPTAMOK - Kataklysmi, MC

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Black Metal

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Pro-Tape, limited to 100 copies.

KRYPTAMOK burst forth from the void in 2018 with their first demo, Profaani. Although that was the entity's first public recording, KRYPTAMOK is the work of Hex Inferi, a veteran of the always fertile Finnish black metal underground, having played in Vordven in the late '90s and early 2000s and more recently as bassist of the institutional Horna. Not surprisingly, Profaani burned with an icy fury that was 100% Finnish in constitution and execution.

In the cursed year of 2020, KRYPTAMOK took bolder strides on their debut full-length, Verisaarna, released by PURITY THROUGH FIRE. Immediately and irrevocably, here did Hex Inferi unload an arsenal of quintessentially Finnish classicism: blazing passion pitted against cryogenic melody, filthy thrust imbued with nightsky atmosphere. Pure and total FINNISH BLACK METAL, basically - no more, but definitely no less! Truly, KRYPTAMOK staked a claim for scene supremacy with Verisaarna.

In a unique twist, KRYPTAMOK stir their bubbling black cauldron in a different direction with the second album Kataklysmi. While that idiomatic melodicism is still at the fore (and chills to the fucking bone), Kataklysmi takes on a more overtly epic and palatably bombastic tone, raging with hellfire but also revealing wandering-star atmospheres that harken to mid-'90s black metal traditionalism. No less grim than before, Hex Inferi's visions here unshackle themselves from the usual Finnish tropes; the album, as a result, retains textures and an intensity that are simultaneously nostalgic and modern. Korpus Abortuum, responsible for the lyrics on the previous two recordings, was chosen to preach his own words while drummer Beleth raised his hammers to forge the backbone for the album. Indeed, Kataklysmi is a fitting title...

Diseases, plagues, and famine sweep through the crumbling realm of man.
Father sun is eclipsed by the eruption of Mother Gaia's pulsating vulva.
The sons of Abraham shed each other's blood on everlasting wars...
The end-times are drawing near.
This havoc will reap the human weed from the face of the earth.
The third coming of KRYPTAMOK is the all-ending cataclysm. [quote Label]

Full tracklisting
1. Ambienssi apokalyptiselle näytelmälle
2. Hävityksen ensimmäinen askel
3. Kataklysmi
4. Eläköön sota ihmisten kesken
5. Saatanallinen hävitystaistelu
6. Helvetin esitaistelija
7. Laulakaa tulesta, laulakaa liekeistä
8. Outo kuningas
9. Lopunajan abominaatiot