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Black Metal 

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Two different artists await us on this split recording. Erzfeynd convinces with hateful vocals, devil worship and above all with melodic parts that like to stick in your head. Ironically, one could call this an Erzfeynd anthem. Between the songs a more progressive work awaits us, which really wants to overwhelm – just like the complete work, born of shadows, fire and misery.
On the other side it will be rough and barren. As usual, Celestial Sword promise Raw Black Metal but also Dungeon Synth elements with cold atmosphere. One of the songs even reminds of Saturnalia Temple with its clear hypnotic vocals – just great for anyone who wants to enter that darkness and manifest within. [quote Label]

1. Erzfeynd – Hasz
2. Erzfeynd – Idrogant und Serpanta
3. Erzfeynd – Schatwan Weriuuolf
4. Celestial Sword – Blood Gate to the Eternal Crypt
5. Celestial Sword – Devourer of Light to Behold the Crimson Moon
6. Celestial Sword – Of Blood and Sorrow
7. Celestial Sword – O’ Spirit Wind! Speak Thy Nocturnal Hymns
8. Celestial Sword – Spectral Voices of the Demiurge
9. Celestial Sword – Thy Cursed Elegy of Thee Ancients III