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ASCENSION - The Dead Of The World, LP (V1) [black]

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Black Metal

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Limited first run of Ascension's latest full length album "The Dead Of The World" on vinyl,not to be repressed.
- 350gsm Gatefold Cover
- printed innersleeve (220gsm carton))
- 180g vinyl
- 20 pages LP booklet on 150gsm art paper

ASCENSION's highly anticipated second album, The Dead of the World, is a grandiose work of bold creativity and boundless imagination, of brilliant illumination and obsidian depth, all under the banner of orthodox black metal.Every part is where it needs to be; every song flows from the other; there is a whole, and it is a black HOLE. From its innermost depths, ASCENSION drive onward and outward, their control of dynamics startling for mere "black metal," their passion, fervor, and professionalism far beyond those who supposedly uphold that genre. Joining ASCENSION in their peerless endeavor here are The Magus (Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, Principality of Hell) and Mors Dalos Ra (Necros Christos), who both respectively provide guest vocals on The Dead of the World. Black metal may be dead for all intents and purposes, but not for ASCENSION, for they show you The Dead of the World." [quote Label]

01. The Silence of Abel
02. Death's Golden Temple
03. Black Ember
04. Unlocking Tiamat
05. Deathless Light
06. The Dark Tomb Shines
07. Mortui Mundi