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SACRIFICIUM CARMEN - Nekrognosis - Avain Varjoihin, MC

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For over a decade now, Finland's SACRIFICIUM CARMEN have become quiet stalwarts of their home country's always-rich black metal scene. From their debut demo in 2013 on to their two full-lengths, 2015's Ikuisen tulen kammiosa and 2018's Hermetica, the band have both embodied the classic Finnish black metal sound - icy melodicism, filthy propulsion, deft atmospheric touches - and put their own diabolic twist to it. Always dynamic but always in service of the Devil, SACRIFICIUM CARMEN have reaped acclaim by being no more nor no less than what they should be: pure & proud BLACK METAL, ever defiant and devoted!

Now aligned with longtime fans PURITY THROUGH FIRE, SACRIFICIUM CARMEN strike with their mightiest and most majestic recording yet: Nekrognosis - Avain Varjoihin. The band's third full-length thus far, Nekrognosis - Avain Varjoihin is a two-themed album where side A ("Varjot") is about a psychological or even "psychedelic" journey into the depths of the occult and shadow-side of the mind, whereas side B ("Kuolemagia") centers around the contemplation of your own death and shamanistic evolving because of that. This two-pronged thematic is further fused together with Castanedan Mysticism and spiritual-like hate against human idiocracy.

Musically, SACRIFICIUM CARMEN fire on all cylinders here, taking their ever-sturdy sound into realms somehow simultaneously more expansive and focused. Firm is the foundation of Finnish black metal, of course, but the band's evolution here distinctly draws strength from the Scandinavian masters - namely, Nödtveidt and Euronymous - while also finessing their own soundscape which has been shaped over the past decade-plus. More tellingly/provocatively, SACRIFICIUM CARMEN skillfully employ synth here for the first time, fulfilling the Satanic atmosphere alongside more harmonically inclined riffs, evoking a sensation that's paradoxically hovering yet grounded in grime.

Sorcerous and subtly cinematic, SACRIFICIUM CARMEN hit an apex of creativity with Nekrognosis - Avain Varjoihin! [quote Label]

Full tracklisting
1.  Fraktaalimessu
2.  Baphometin Siemen
3.  Ihmiskunnan Inho Seuranain
4.  Azrael
5.  Demonosofian Houreet
6.  Kultasielu Helvetin
7.  Erakkotemppelin Ilmestyksiä
8.  Mefistofeleen Kuu
9.  Haudankajossa, Soturi & Näkijä