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WHISKEY RITUAL - Black Metal Ultras, LP

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WHISKEY RITUAL, that means anger, that means chaos and that means one thing above all else: damn entertaining Black Metal. The Italian band was formed by members of Forgotten Tomb, Caronte, Selvmoord and L.O.S.T.. Originally, the band was supposed to be just a side project of the individual musicians, but the madness of WHISKEY RITUAL was infecting, engaging and soon the guys became addicted. It quickly turned into a full-time band. With "Black 'n' Roll", their first lunatic sign of life was thrown upon the world in 2009, and this gem lives up to its title. WHISKEY RITUAL combined the darkness and hatred that Black Metal exudes with a pinch of Rock 'n' Roll on their upcoming release as well, which leads to entertaining hymns about drugs, prostitutes, alcohol and of course Satan – true to the motto
"Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll", yet with a grinning devil at the wheel. "In Goat We Trust" (2010), "Necronomicon" (2012) and "Blow With The Devil" (2015) paved the hellish path on which WHISKEY RITUAL walks today.
Some line-up changes, a bit of fine-tuning in the songwriting and a new label in the back have pushed the madness instead of taking it down. "Black Metal Ultras" is a self-assured battle cry for 30 minutes that unites everything: brutality, hate, violence, intoxication and of course a good deal of badass Rock 'n' Roll. Cheers! [quote Label]


1. Black Metal Ultras
2. In the Army of Hell
3. Knockout
4. Death comes by Limo
5. 666 Problems
6. Streets & Liers
7. Die Hard
8. Manifesto
9. Denim Demon (Turbonegro Cover)